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Prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of a merry one too many with these all natural Sfera Hangover Prevention & Remedy capsules. Excessive alcohol consumption can leave you with headaches, gastric discomfort thanks to the bodies inflammatory responses, excessive urination from hormone upset that adds to dehydration, and of course the stress on ones liver from breaking down alcohol for elimination. On the rare occasion you do go a little overboard, Sfera has created this natural remedy with Zeolite to absorb excess alcohol, reduce toxins, and prevent cellular damage as well as fulvic acid to replace vital vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

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Sfera Bio Nutrition Hangover Prevention & Recovery (4 Caps)

Sfera Hangover Prevention & Recovery Remedy helps to prevent hangovers and aid recovery from excessive merry-making.

Zeolite combined with calcium montmorillonite absorbs excess alcohol, reducing the number of toxins in the blood.
Reishi mushrooms have proven hepatoprotectant qualities that can help prevent cellular damage.
Fulvic acid replaces essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes lost.

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can cause a number of unwanted symptoms – blood vessels dilate, causing headaches; inflammatory responses cause gastric upset; antidiuretic hormones cause excessive urination, which leads to dehydration; and the liver can become stressed from breaking down alcohol for elimination.

This Hangover Remedy from the Sfera Mycology Series helps to prevent the occurrence of and reverse the effects of a hangover.

Take 4 capsules before going to bed after a night of indulgence with a big glass of water.

One vegetarian capsule provides:
Zeolite and Calcium Montmorillonite 200mg
Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) 50mg
Fulvic Acid 50mg

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