Coyne Healthcare Bio-Curcumin 30 Caps | 60 Caps


Cardiovascular health, Brain function, Joint health, Immune system, Mood stabilization. Delivers up to seven times more bioactive/free curcumin into the bloodstream.
Active for over eight hours.

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bio-curcumin 30 Caps 60 Caps
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Coyne Healthcare Bio-Curcumin 30 Caps | 60 Caps

Turmeric Curcumin is known as the Golden Spice of Life! One of the healthiest and most important dietary supplement on the planet, it is known to improve your health and positive well-being. It’s not only a natural anti-inflammatory but is also known for it’s role in increasing circulation and optimal joint health and mobility. A true anti-inflammatory, it is also rich in antioxidants, lowers risk of heart disease, helps arthritis, amongst so much more. Because of increased circulation, it is also known to help make your skin more glowing and healthy-looking. The perfect boost for your body!

Bio-curcumin® with BCM 95® health supplement is a powerful formula made from a strategic blend of natural ingredients. It is specifically designed to help boost and support the body’s internal systems and maintain health in a natural way.

Regain your health by using the most scientifically tested ingredients that nature has to offer.

Give Your Body What it Needs:
Many natural health practitioners swear by Curcumin, claiming it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Experts believe these properties make it ideal for fighting the damage caused to our bodies by free radicals and inflammation as we age.

Being one of the most thoroughly studied plants in the past half century, science suggests turmeric can help to support:
Cardiovascular health
Brain function
Joint health
Immune system
Mood stabilization

Bio-curcumin is clinically proven to be one of the most bio-active Curcumin extract in the world. Because of its many advantages, BIO-CURCUMIN® is a market-leading product and its proven benefits are already being enjoyed by millions people all around the world.
Bio-curcumin is a unique blend of the most active and potent compounds of Turmeric, notably, Curcuminoids and Ar-Turmerone. Bio-Curcumin® exclusively uses only actives from Tumeric, there are no artificial additives commonly used to increase bioavailability in turmeric supplements. Bio-Curcumin is 100% nature based.
Bio-curcumin with BCM 95®has a concentrated formulation of natural Curcumin and Ar-turmerone, which are the most potent components of turmeric. This gives the product its unrivalled level of oral bioavailability.

This exceptional product, with 100% Natural Turmeric Extract, has been produced using the combination of modern and traditional knowledge – and offers an exceptional range of benefits, including:
Delivers 700% more Free Curcumin than standard extracts
Has enhanced oral bioavailability and retention of Curcumin in blood, even after 8 hours.
BCM 95®combines micronized Curcumin with Ar-turmerone for clinically validated greater potency and effect. 100% natural with no artificial additives.
Efficacy scientifically documented by pre-clinical and human clinical trials with more than 33 clinical studies in national and international journals – plus 13 international patents.

Many Curcumin products claim to have improved bio-availability. But, the results are often flawed, as they tend to measure total Curcumin absorption, which includes metabolites and in-actives. They also contain artificial actives and processes in an attempt to increase bio-availability.

In recent tests, Scientists around the world, have confirmed that only “FREE CURCUMIN” is active within the body for maximum efficacy and health benefits. You can TRUST Bio-Curcumin® to be the best and most bio-available Curcumin extract.

GMO Free
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free

Sustainable production and harvesting
Powered by Certified Green Solar Energy
Rain Water Harvesting
Effective Tree Planting program
Effluent Tumeric Extraction

BCM-95 Bio-curcumin 400mg
(Curcuma Longa) 25:1 extract (root) {std to 95% total curcuminoids complex with essential oils of turmeric rhizome by HPLC (380mg)
Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), vegetable stearate, silica

Suuplements & Nutrition

We believe in Supplementation and the extreme imperatives of “clean products” no fillers, no binders and especially NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS

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