The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g

The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g, The Nutrient Well

The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g: R95.00

The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g

MSM-Body will make molehills out of mountains. Especially if you’re sick of being tired and fed-up with fighting nagging injury. It’s a natural sulphur compound that promotes tissue repair and supports an active lifestyle. You’ll get more mobility, more energy and ever-more recovery and repair after training. Get set for The Real Thing MSM-Body.

Who needs The Real Thing MSM-Body?
Anyone who’s looking to go from murky to perky. It’s a simple case of supplying what an active body demands – of putting in what you want to get out. MSM, or methylsulphonylmethane, is a naturally occurring form of organic sulphur. Its function? To rev up musculoskeletal, respiratory and connective tissue performance and repair.

MSM empowers you.
It energises the body and helps repair the tiny muscle tears associated with strength training and endurance work. Plus it eases joint inflammation and promotes the regeneration of connective tissues like cartilage, hair and skin.

The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g

So, if MSM occurs naturally in the body, why do we need more? Because more MSM means more fuel for the body’s natural repair processes. Increased doses of MSM (which contains up to 34% sulphur by weight) can help keep sulphur stocks high in the connective tissues that need it most. MSM also helps increase stamina by providing methyl groups for energy production. These methyl groups “trade” with other molecules to sustain many metabolic processes, from hormone synthesis to energy production. The result? Your body repairs and exerts itself more efficiently.FACT: The Real Thing MSM-Body provides the building blocks to pump up energy production and enhance tissue repair. That’s why it will benefit athletes, the elderly and everyone in between.

What will MSM-Body do for your body?
Fights arthritis and joint damage. MSM-Body will help ease the pain and stiffness associated with arthritic or injured joints. This means you can lay off the stomach-stressing non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (or NSAIDs). Studies also show that MSM protects against rheumatoid arthritis and reduces pain and functional impairment of joints in osteoarthritis of the knee.

Enhances exercise. The Real Thing MSM-Body delivers sulphur for wear-and-tear repair and methyl groups for energy, leading to enhanced athletic performance and recovery.

Combats high homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is a precursor to toxic amino acids known to cause heart attack and stroke. But MSM’s methyl groups can help convert homocysteine into harmless methionine.

Supports the immune system. Without the energy it needs, your body’s immunity starts to flag. But The Real Thing MSM-Body will make your metabolism mightier and your body’s systems more efficient at fighting their foes.

Eases breathing. MSM provides nutritional support for the respiratory system and research has shown that it helps reduce seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hayfever. Yet another function that’s not to be sneezed at.

What’s in it for you?
Just the good stuff. In the purest possible form. You’ll find nothing but methylsulphonylmethane, or MSM, in this empowering supplement. Each batch is third-party tested to guarantee a product free of microbials and toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium or aluminium. In fact, ultra-purified methylsulphonylmethane, like The Real Thing MSM-Body, is so pure that it has one of the lowest toxicity levels encountered in biology and pharmacology.

The Real Thing MSM Body Powder 240g