How Livon & Kirkman came to S.A.

Supplementation and the extreme imperatives of “clean products” no fillers, no binders and especially no harmful ingredients.

How Livon & Kirkman came to S.A.

Carin Smit was the first person in our country to research the critical wellness effects of Vitamin C in mega oral dosages and publicly disseminate this information in the medical and wellness fields (the work of Linus Pauling, Drs. Robert Cathcart, Matthias Rath, Thomas Levy and others).
She was the first to start lipid transfer therapies in South Africa and use Phosphotidyl choline in her practice as a lipid transfer and detoxification agent from 2011.
She is known as the only Environmental and Clinical Metal Toxicologist in good standing with the International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology to use Lipids as a primary chelating agent in Lipid Transfer Therapy.

Initial request to Mrs. Ellison – Synapse Africa Nutrients to import Livon and Kirkman Products for Sole Distribution by Miss Smit:
As Livon products were not available in South Africa at the time, only Kirkman was, she requested that Mrs. Ellison (who was already importing several other specialist nutrients for Miss Smit’s practice from the USA into South Africa) acquire, register for import and ship LivOn Products to South Africa for exclusive distribution by her practice. This was all in place and all rights and permits were obtained by Carin Smit.

Involvement in Livon and Kirkman Products since 2010:
When Miss Smit was diagnosed with cancer she handed her business to me and I bought the distribution rights from her. I continued servicing her customers and an ever-growing list of doctors, dentists, the Autistic Community and other customers who saw great value in these products. I have been purchasing and distributing Lypospheric Vitamin C, GSH and other products that Mrs. Ellison imported for almost 8 years now – my involvement in the procurement, promotion, extensive marketing and sale of these products has been all consuming.
Due to lines becoming extremely blurred the end result was I bought for the second time, the rights, stock etc from Mrs Marion Ellison – thus making me two times owner, importer of LivOn and Kirkman products.

Gail Gomez: Owner
At that time, I, Gail Gomez, a certified NILD Therapist, did my training in Germany and then in SA was an onboard therapist in Carin Smits Practice, as I had attained much experience whilst working in SA, in my own capacity, and thereafter travelled to Indonesia and Ireland with Carin Smit, working and training with Autism and other severely handicapped children (also being trained by Mrs Rosalie Seymour, Audiologist, Dan Practioner and AIT Practioner in Neuro Cognitive Mobilisation NCM)
I had served in Miss Smit’s Practice as well as Practice Manager did all the local procurement of orders from Mrs. Ellison.
I was also trained by Carin on the merits of supplementation and the intricacies and extreme imperatives of “clean products” no fillers, no binders and especially NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS. I was often invited to attend various workshops concerning supplementation, diet and therapy and thereby had gained knowledge and insight about the specialist products that were the ONLY ones we would supply to the customers, patients and the people with auto-immune diseases. There was the policy of NO COMPROMISE so that when Miss Smit, who is a trained and qualified DAN Practioner and certified Metal Toxicologist fell ill in 2010 after extensive work in India, took a sabbatical from her practice (2010/11) I legally acquired and bought the distribution rights from her.
My passion was to help to give hope and support to parents who suffer greatly under these circumstances and try with any credible intervention available to help to get the children over the finish line and to be able to lead normal, happy lives without having stigmas and making them feel that they were different.

Marketing and Webmaster
Enter Mrs Dawn Whitehouse
Dawn Whitehouse qualified with a Secretarial Diploma from South Peninsula Technical Institute, Muizenburg, Cape Town. She qualified as Personal Assistant (customer liaison) Accounting, Short Hand and Dictaphone typist with a typing speed of 120 words per minute, beginning her working life as personal assistant to the Magistrate at the Simonstown Magistrates Court.

Optima College For The Blind
Dawn completed all Advanced Training Programmes including Excel and Access at Optima College.

Auto Desk
She completed Auto Cad Advanced and became a Graphic Designer with Coral Draw Auto –Cad, Word Press and Dream-weaver.
Dawn Joined by building both mine and Carin Smit’s first website which peaked her interest in the field of supplementation and wellness.
Dawn is a registered blind lady who has a degenerative eye disease namely: STARGARDTS, which is a very disabling and debilitating disease which renders the patient with no central Vision but only peripheral vision. The ravages of this disease are well documented and can be researched on Google for anyone who may be interested in knowing more about this.

How does she do this if Blind?
We have referred you to Google but truly her role in The Nutrient Well can never be under-estimated!
Dawn does ALL the marketing, much of the liaison when dealing with difficult situations, packing of parcels and being there for phone-calls and enquiries. All computer problems whether it be the hard-ware or soft-ware Dawn is able to sort out and we seldom need a Computer Technician, which is amazing considering that her field of expertise is not a Computer Technician PLUS she has VERY limited eye-sight. Well done Dawn!!
Through her diligence and perseverance despite her limitations has helped grow The Nutrient Well and she is ever searching for ways to market the business.
She is truly an inspiration that no matter what your disability may be, you can do it and she has proved to be a valuable asset to The Nutrient Well. Dawn is a mom to a daughter and a granny to a granddaughter.