Kirkman Vitamin B6 50mg 100 Caps

Kirkman Vitamin B6 50mg 100 caps, The Nutrient Well, Kirkman South Africa

Kirkman Vitamin B6 50mg 100 caps: R198.22

Kirkman Vitamin B6 50mg 100 Caps Hypoallergenic

Performs a wide variety of functions in the body and is extremely versatile with more than 100 enzymatic reactions, mostly concerned with protein metabolism. Hypoallergenic. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant based. Ultra Tested®.

A primary function of vitamin B-6 is supporting protein metabolism. This nutrient also plays a role in cognitive development through the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters and in maintaining normal levels of homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood.

In addition, vitamin B-6 is involved in gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis, immune system function (for example, it promotes lymphocyte and interleukin-2 production) and hemoglobin formation.

The vitamin B-6 source in this formulation is pyridoxine hydrochloride. Many individuals do not get adequate vitamin B-6 in their preferred daily multi-vitamin. This product offers the option of additional vitamin B-6 supplementation.

Kirkman Vitamin B6 50mg 100 Caps