Kirkman Folinic Acid 180 Caps

Kirkman Folinic Acid 180 Caps, The Nutrient Well, Kirkman South Africa

Kirkman Folinic Acid 180 Caps: R313.35

Kirkman Folinic Acid 180 Caps Hypoallergenic

Folate that supports the production and maintenance of new cells. KirkmanĀ® offers folinic acid in 800 mcg capsules. Hypoallergenic. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant based. Ultra TestedĀ®.

Folinic acid (a.k.a. 5-formyl tetrahydrofolate) is one of the forms of folate, a water soluble B vitamin that occurs naturally in foods. Having enough folate in the body is a common problem due to food processing, food selection and gastrointestinal system problems.

Biochemically in the body, folinic acid supports cellular perception and response, methylation processes and many enzymatic reactions. It is also linked to lower homocysteine levels, which support cardiovascular health.

Kirkman Folinic Acid 180 Caps
Folinic acid in the body can be converted into any of the other active forms of folate. Folic acid, the synthetic form of folinic acid, goes through a complicated biochemical process to be active in the body. Folinic acid is more readily bioavailable than folic acid; therefore, some individuals may respond better to it.