Dear valued present and new friends, Welcome to The Nutrient Well.

The Nutrient Well, Importers and Distributors of Livon Lypospheric and Kirkman Products.

Dear friends,
Marion’s sudden illness and swift passing has left a huge gap – no one was prepared for this and Marion unfortunately had no time to share her expertise and knowledge. Now we are faced with the obstacles that come with taking over and starting from scratch; the importing and distribution of Lypospheric and Kirkman products: these supplements can once again be bought and brought in, but the situation dictates that a new system is necessary as The Nutrient Well doesn’t yet have the capital to bulk buy and bring in such a huge amount of stock. We have bought all rights, remaining stock etc. from Marion to continue this work and we are striving to get to the point where everything will be up and running and stocks will be readily available.

We, The Nutrient Well, are willing to bring the stock in but it can only be in a “pay-up-front delivery within 4 weeks guarantee, or your funds returned” basis for the first few shipments. Also, bearing in mind, the occasional hold-up at Port Health and Customs for inspections. We sincerely doubt that it would ever take a 4 week turn-around time as the demand for these products is overwhelming.

We are endeavouring to place an order for both Lypospheric and Kirkman products before Christmas – depending on the demand.

New Products:
Lypospheric Vitamin B Complex Plus
Added 30 Kirkman products including Melatonin and Buffered Vitamin C

The Nutrient Well Team would like to thank you all, most sincerely for your patience and support at this time of difficult transition.

For all orders of 2 cartons of Lypospheric Products or more. South Africa only.
Please check Lypospheric Products for correct quantities of cartons and boxes.

The Nutrient Well Team wishes you a wonderful, Healthy, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a prosperous New Year!

Please watch for specials, incentives and new exciting additions from time to time.

Striving for Excellence.
The Nutrient Well Team.

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